Ocean Rigging has a vast experience at surveying Masts and Rigging.

We strongly Recommend Unstepping and surveying (on the ground) Masts at least every 3 years for inshore sailing boats, ideally yearly, particularly for Offshore boats. Full inspection is only possible when all rigging can be disconnected and spreaders removed.

Between "On Ground" Surveys, we offer the option for a "Mast In" survey, where we send a highly experienced rigger aloft and carefully inspect all visible areas. This can provide critical early warning of problems, but as many areas are not visible due to loaded rigging it is no substitute for a proper "On Ground" Survey.

Of Particular concern is the presence of corroded and cracked swages, cold heads and mast sections, these are huge red flags and should be attended to immediately.

Mast Down Survey Typically runs $135
Mast In Survey Aloft $365

Travel outside our local area may be additional, Yachts over 50ft maybe additional, Unsafe boats will need to be made safe or Unstepped