Winter is the best time to service winches, dry, seized, gummed or over greased all afford ammple oportunity for injury and expense.
Primary winches hold the highest loads on a boat and failure can be costly and very dangerous! 
Ocean rigging offers full breakdown service, cleaning in our parts washer, lubrication, inspection and reinstall

February 2nd 2016

New Website is just about cobbled together

January 28th 2016

We are going strong in Black Rock, Bridgeport.... One stop for all your Sailboat Rigging and Gear needs. 

With our mobile work shop van, we can service a huge area, we regularly complete jobs in Westchester county as well as go as far as the Connecticut river or further. 


We are now located in Captain's Cove Seaport, Black Rock Harbor

Ocean Rigging LLC. 
1 Bostwick Ave.
Bridgeport, CT 06605

We continue to offer premium rigging services to all our customers.

Snow, Snow, Snow. It seems we are firmly in the grip of the the white stuff, but the days are getting longer, and temperatures are (sometimes) getting warmer. Spring is not that far away.

Now is the time to get those winter projects completed before the rush of the Spring engulfs us. FULL WINCH SERVICE IS CRITICAL!

The days are getting shorter, summer is still with us, but fall and winter are approaching ever nearer, now is the time to think about Decommissioning, Masts should be unstepped every year for optimum life of rigging, Yearly Surveying is critical, servicing of winches and gear, ensures smooth sailing next year.

Greetings! Happy New Year! What a difference a year makes! It has been unseasonably mild...perfect for getting winter work done and we still have quite a bit to get done. Spring is closing in fast and its going to get super busy, now is the time to beat the rush and get everything done before the season starts.

Call us for any project large or small, Need a new Halyard? New Spar? Leisurefurl Boom? Electric Winch? we can help, we have more in house capability than ever before, there is nothing we can't get done! FULL WINCH SERVICE IS CRITICAL

Summer is still with us, the season has still got a lot to give, the best sailing weather is yet to come. Nobody wants to think about the winter, this year however, with the closing of Brewer Yacht Haven in Stamford, there is a new urgency to find available space for the off season. Norwalk Cove Marina and Ocean Rigging are sending winter contracts, earlier than normal to make sure every one can get situated. 

It is imperative to return contracts very early this year to guarantee a spot, Ocean Rigging is here as always to offer our first class Unstepping and storage service, as well as attend to any service requirement or upgrade.

WOW! What a Winter, it has never stopped, record snowfall and enough bad weather to make any sun lovers wish they were south. But Spring is almost upon us, and its going to very busy, now is the last chance to get ahead of the rush and get those preseason projects done. 

Call us for any project large or small, Need a new Halyard? New Spar? Electric Winch? we can help, we have more in house capability than ever before, there is nothing we can't get done! FULL WINCH SERVICE IS CRITICAL

Sept 14th 2010

Fall is coming, the days are getting shorter, time to think about the off-season.

Feb 11th, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow! It is still winter, no doubt about it. But spring is just around the corner, this is a great time to start those preseason projects, and winter service work, WINCH SERVICE IS CRITICAL!

Nov 17th, 2009

Winter is coming, protecting boats form the freezing weather in very important. Ocean Rigging now offers a Premium Shrink Wrapping service, using superior framing and supports, specifically for mast out sail boats but also for any boat of any size and description. 

Sept 9th, 2009

The summer is winding down, fall is around the corner, the Boat Show is nearly here. Our fall contracts are now available. 

Ocean Rigging offers multiple Winter service options, and Upgrades, some of the more important areas to attend to are Winch Service, Sail Cleaning, Mast Survey.

Feb 5th, 2009

Winter is upon us, and it's COLD!! but spring is getting closer, now is the time to get all those winter projects and servicing done, before the spring rush, Spring contracts are now available. 

We are now Forespar LeisureFurl Dealers!